Welcome!. We are 10,800 algorithmically-generated digital-retro-creatures that are blockchain-tracked.

Bitbugs are ERC-721 compliant non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each bitbug is contained in an 8-bit 16x9 pixel portable network graphics (PNG) file with transparent background.

This IPFS link shows the image with all bitbugs in their original size.


0% ✓ Each 100th mint is free (only pay gas). In total 98 free Bitbugs.
50% ✓ The smart contract allows the developers to start minting.
51% ✓ 100 Bitbugs would be transferred (giveaway) to first supporters* as gifts.
75% ✓ 50 Bitbugs would be transferred (giveaway) to members of community randomly.
100% ✓ 4 ETH donation to a save-the-bees organization.
* first supporters = Addresses that minted the first 100 Bitbugs. Thanks for your support!

... ... ...


Mint is open.
There are bitbugs available to mint.


Rules of minting are:

Public Sale would be open from launch date until all bitbugs are minted.
0.02 ETH fixed minting price per bitbug.
Each 100th bitbug is free to mint (you pay only transaction cost).
Only 5 "legendary" bitbugs.
You select your Bitbug before minting (same as developer).
You can also load (randomly) bitbugs to view them before minting.
Bitbugs traits revealed after minting once in marketplace.
One mint per transaction.

The following button takes you to the MINT page:


Also you can scan this code in your (iOS) mobile to open the mint page in Metamask Mobile in-app browser:


As an alternative, you can mint directly from the smart contract in Etherscan in this link; just connect to Web3 with your wallet and use the mint function (remember that price is 0.02ETH + gas). Please before writing the mint function verify that the tokenId (Bitbug) is available for minting, otherwise you will lose the gas from the transaction. Once minted the Bitbug would be available to the sender of the transaction. The provenance table can help finding available bitbugs.


Although each bitbug is unique, many of them share the number of black pixels used to draw them (in the original 16*9 pixel grid). The following histogram shows the number of bitbugs per black pixels. For instance, there are 132 bitbugs with 48 black pixels.

Besides pixels, there are different traits that compose each bitbug. See FAQ below for more information.


Drop us an email. Also Discord and Twitter. Marketplace in OpenSea.