Contest Rules

NFT owners are the only ones that can participate (option, not an obligation) in Bitbugs Video Contest.

To participate you should login as owner, build a video at the Lab and post in @BitbugsBot in Twitter to participate.

Likes and Retweets give points to an owner. The owner of the tweet is the eth address at the moment of posting the tweet. This implies that if you sell your Bitbug in the secondary market, you remain with your points (contest points are not transfered).

Likes equal 1 point while Retweets give 2 points. Contest Leaderboard here.

Contest ends when 75% of bitbugs become minted (Bitbug 8,100th).

An owner can publish any number of videos but only 10 per Bitbug would count for points. Points would be aggregated by owner so owners with more than one Bitbug can log in with different Bitbug to increase their video count. However, a maximum of 5 Bitbugs per owner would be applied for awarding points (filter criteria = Those bitbugs minted earlier count).


1. Owner with 1st number of points = 6 ETH

2. Owner with 2nd number of points = 3 ETH

3. Owner with 3rd number of points = 1 ETH

No offensive content:

At Bitbugs criteria, Bitbugs would erase from Twitter (and therefore from Leaderboard) those videos that contain offensive images or text. An owner who repeats publishing offensive criteria would be disqualified and banned from entering the Video Lab so She/He cannot longer build a video

Bitbugs would not be responsible for how you use your video. It is yours and build by you, so please behave accordingly.

These rules can be adjusted at any time without prior notice. We would hope and try not to do so. Transparency is our Tao.

Bitbug # 55 is owned by developers and cannot participate in the contest. Such Bitbug however would post videos (and listed in Leaderboard) in order to test the platform. As well, if developers mint other Bitbugs, such Bitbugs would not participate in contest.

Last published version:

12 May, 2022